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ATV Insurance

To an ATV rider, there might be nothing quite like taking a ride out in some sand dunes out in the middle of the desert or blazing through the trees in the forest. Whatever the activity, there’s no denying that riding an all-terrain vehicle is fun. However, it can also be risky.

ATV Insurance Coverages

We work with several insurance providers that can protect your vehicle as well as protect you if you are injured.  

We offer plans for:

  • Motorcycle.
  • Golf cart.
  • Dune buggy.
  • Snowmobile.
  • 4×4.
  • Electric Bikes

Common types of ATV insurance coverages include:


Bodily injury – This type of coverage with help pay for costs associated with injuries suffered by others in an accident for which you are responsible.

Property damage – This coverage will help with costs relating to damaged property of others in an accident you cause.


If your ATV is damaged in a collision, this coverage can help repair or replace it.


If your ATV is damaged in a non-collision incident, such as fire or vandalism, this coverage can help with repairs or replacement of your ATV.

Medical payments:

If you are hurt in an accident, this coverage can help you cover your medical costs

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